When we hear the word sports, we often think of the “Big Three” – football, basketball, and baseball. But sports also include other activities, of course, that we can do for fun and to use our leisure time. These are what are called recreational sports, designed to be less competitive, to provide leisure, to not require a high level of fitness, and yet be very relaxing.

Most of us get tired as we go about our normal daily routine, and we need rest and sleep. However, at the end of a day of school or work, we can relax and even recuperate by doing something different from what we have been doing. Enter recreational sports, which are as varied as golf, bowling, skating, dancing, and table tennis.

Taking a Swing at Golf

The game of golf originated in Scotland in the early 14th century. Today, it is a game that people of all ages can participate in. It offers a chance to be together with friends in the open air and is a good exercise without too much exertion since it can be played at a leisurely pace. The concentration necessary to play the game properly can serve as a way to manage the stress and strains of present-day life. As people play a round of golf, they can experience the outdoors, breathe fresh air, and walk several miles to complete an 18-hole round.

Bowled Over

The recreational sport of bowling dates back more than 7,000 years. The modern game of bowling was originally called tenpins. One of the bowling’s great advantages is the fact that it is an indoor activity that can be played any time of the year. It is an individual sport, too, one that has no complicated playing strategies such as those found in many team sports.

Bowling is an excellent recreational activity for all ages and both sexes. It is also a very safe activity.

Skating – A Slick Sport

Ice skating and roller skating are recreational sports that provide both the leisure activity and physical fitness. Ice skating is a sport that is no longer limited to the cold weather states for only a limited time each winter. Enclosed ice rinks have brought this sport to many more areas. When skaters venture out onto lakes and rivers, they must first make sure that the ice is thick enough. The safest outdoor skating spots are those where local authorities test the thickness and safety of the ice and post signs about the ice’s condition. It’s also important to dress warmly enough in layers of clothing. By dressing in layers, you can remove a layer of clothing as your body heats up. Ice skating allows you to breathe the fresh air of a brisk winter day and also slide across the smooth surface of the lake or river. One hour of ice skating will soon let you know that skating is great exercise for your whole body, especially your legs and back.

Roller skating is a different form of skating, because you can enjoy this activity all year round, both inside and out. As with ice skating, those who roller skate can get a lot of total body exercise. They also find that it is quite relaxing and a fun social activity.

Dance Is Good for You, Too!

Dance in some form has existed since primitive times. Dance has been used as an expression of war, the portrayal of religious rites, and as play. It enhances physical activity and gives expression through movement to your own reaction to the world around you.

Square dancing is an energetic and bouncy form of dance. It involves changing positions with other individuals and is truly a social activity. It, too, is an activity that can be shared by people of all ages.

Aerobic dance is specifically designed to increase your cardiovascular fitness through muscle movement and use of oxygen. High-impact aerobic dance is usually done by younger people because it puts a lot of stress on the body’s joints. Low-impact aerobics can also work the heart and lungs, but it is easier on the joints. In low-impact aerobics, a person keeps one heel on the floor at all times. This makes it easier on the joints. Aerobic dance can also be experienced by people of all ages. Dance increases flexibility, coordination, strength, control, and balance.

Table Tennis with a Purpose

Table tennis has several names, including indoor tennis, gossima, and Ping-Pong. The game may be played by two or four people. Equipment consists of a table equipped with a smooth surface, balls, and paddles. The game may be played at home by both old and young and is one of the most popular year-round recreational activities.

Because table tennis is similar to tennis, the basic fundamentals of stroking the ball are the same for both sports, but table tennis does not require as much energy to play as tennis. A hotly contested game, however, can provide a good workout for the legs, arms, and the cardiovascular system. The concentration needed in table tennis helps people shift their focus away from problems, making it a great sport to help manage stress.

Recreational sports can be enjoyed by individuals of both sexes, all ages, and any degree of athletic ability. You don’t have to be a star athlete to enjoy the movement, the physical activity, and the soothing effect that recreational sports can provide. Give one a new try.

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