If you enjoy baseball or softball, you must hear about the term “Slap hitter”. Actually, slap hitting is a high-level technic. It combines 2 different actions in order to take advantage of the time – you will have to hit the ball as well as run at the same time. Frankly speaking, in order to master this technical, you need to increase your speed and your reflex as well as your hand-eye coordination. Even the professional softball players find this technic hard to apply. However, in this tutorial, we will instruct you some basic skills and ideals to help you get familiar with slap hitting. Now, let’s buy best softball bats and start training right away!

1) Pay attention to your foot moves

Your foot moves are indispensable to make this technic work. With the right foot moves, you can easily hit the ball as well as improve the likelihood of approaching the first base. As soon as the pitch comes, slightly step back closed to the catcher with your front foot. Why? This step will support your swing – you will catch the right moment and rhythm.

Secondly, step towards the pitcher. Remember that you should step towards the pitcher, not the first base. Lean your body towards the pitcher and prepare yourself. You will start running as soon as you touch the ball. Now you understand the reason why you should lean towards the pitcher. Arrange your legs and feet that are suitable for an upcoming full sprint.

2) Hide your real intention by practicing your grip

What will happen if your opponent know what you will do? You will be blocked, you will fail… That’s true in every sides of life. The best slap hitter always fool their opponents by keeping their grip normal. At the high level matches, in a centi-second, a base hit or an out can occur.

3) Practice hitting the ball

Now we come to the most important part of slap hitting – hit the ball. If you are FLASH – the fastest man alive, but you can’t hit the ball, then, your speed is useless in softball. Tee Training is a very useful and highly effective training program to help you increase the accuracy in hitting the ball. You will hit the ball from multiple position, just like you play the golf. However, you use the bat to hit the ball from a specific place. So you can get familiar with different direction of the balls. However, the weakness of this type of training is that you can get familiar with the speed. In other words, you can’t practice your reflex as well as your ability to control the mental states. Then, you can start with slow pitches. Increase your progress slowly before until you are ready for the full speed pitches.


4) Add more weapons in your pocket

When you’ve learnt and mastered the fundamental parts of slap hitting, it’s time for you to become not only a good slap hitter but also a legendary one by adding up 2 advanced technics – the drag bunt and the power slap. Now your opponents have to predict 3 different outcomes.

To sum up, these 2 techniques are quite similar to slap hitting technic. The differences are the swings modifications.

  • The Drag Bunt:

The idea of this technic is to catch the ball with the bat to drop it down. The primary target is to pretend slap hit posture in order to fool your opponent. A good one will make the first and third basemen struggled.

To practice this technic, you should combine the drills with this drag bunting. The difficult part of drag bunting is how to change the direction of the ball as well as direct it to the preferred position such as the midpoint between home plate and corner bases. In order to practice the accuracy, you will need 2 milk crates. You put them in your willing position, then try to hit the ball and redirect it to the milk crates.

Where should you direct the ball? An ideal position is the “Third”. So the field will be anxious because she has to throw quickly but difficulty.

  • The Power Slap

In a nutshell, this technic is the mixture of these technics above. You will pretend to do the drag bunting. When your opponent thinks that you will bunt, you will hit the ball with your full power. In order to get the most benefits from power slap, you should try to aim the ball to the gap towards the fence.

This technic is more efficient than the drag bunt and slap hitting due to its variable outcomes. Drag bunt and Slap Hitting aim to keep the ball inside the field, Power Slap can make the opposite outcomes.

So… these 3 technics above are very hard to master, but when you can control them, you will be able to manipulate your opponents, you will have an opportunity to enter the hall of fame. However, you should master one of them first, before you practice the others.

Nowadays, every softball team should have several slappers in order to frighten their opponents’ mental state.

I hope, after this short tutorial, you will have general information about these technical – their strength, their weakness, their moves, their best places to drive the ball. So you can start practicing them right now.

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