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These Royal Wedding favors are way better than pastel mints.

Our Royal Wedding Watch party – the first event to be announced across social media platforms – was a rousing success! We talked about all things royal – Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy, Kate’s wedding dress, Diana’s engagement ring, and even shared some of our own favorite wedding photos. Because veils and Louboutins and friggin’ heavy gowns. Dreamy sigh. Best tweets… Read more →

‘Say Yes’ to the Royal Wedding dress.

Royal Wedding enthusiasts, exhausted journalists on round-the-clock deadlines, and stylists the world over have been holding their breath for the past six months while waiting for Kate Middleton to unveil what promises to be the wedding gown of the century. And this morning, an audible exhale was heard as the radiant bride-to-be arrived at Westminster Abbey wearing a long-sleeved, ivory lace… Read more →

Join the movement where every mother counts.

I think Mother’s Day should go down every weekend. I’d settle for bi-monthly even. What I don’t think should happen repeatedly however, is this: Americans spending $14.6 billion on gifts annually while hundreds of thousands of at-risk women worldwide continue to die during pregnancy and childbirth. One maternal death occurs every 90 seconds, and across the globe, pregnancy is the… Read more →

12 things for kids see and do in London.

An·glo·phile /ˈaNGgləˌfīl/ n. One who admires England, its people and its culture. That would be me. Times eleventy mabillion. It all started in 1985 with a little Ladybird book called “HRH The Princess of Wales.” I fell in love with Diana and Charles and all the stodgy pomp, circumstance and romance that came along with it. That and I was… Read more →