Monthly Archives: October 2011

How the Blind-Eye Effect is impacting our children. No, it’s not good.

I’m kind of an ad nerd, and love theLiberty Mutual spots where people help each other and it causes a beautiful, random-acts-of-kindness-type of butterfly effect. My parents and grandparents raised me to be a Good Samaritan from a young age – holding doors for a mom struggling with a stroller, offering to shovel an elderly neighbor’s driveway, showing the new kid… Read more →

Dogs are slobbery happy wrapped in furry awesome. So how do you choose the one that’s right for your family?

Dogs don’t lie about love. Anyone who has a cold-nosed companion will agree. Their joy is boundless, their devotion absolute, and their free smells easy to ignore when compared to the slobbery happy wrapped in furry awesome they bring to anyone who wants some. And I so want some for William. Because he’s kind of alone in the world. Sure… Read more →