Monthly Archives: August 2012

Break up ice cream makes everything better. Robert Pattinson knows.

If ever beset by scandal, I want to go on The Daily Show immediately afterward, not only break my silence, but to be healed by Ben & Jonny, er, Jerry. That’s exactly what Robert Pattinson did during his  first post-Stewart scandal interview with Jon Stewart. And, though he looked a little tired, Pattinson sailed through Stewart’s questions with hilarious mock… Read more →

Hear that? It’s as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in one collective nerd squee.

Aaand, my husband just turned into a ten year old. A giddy, schoolgirly one. It’s all because Disney Theme Park Merchandise is attending Star Wars Celebration VI – the ultimate Star Wars fan event – happening at the Orange County Convention Center Aug. 23-26. What’s more, Disney and Star Wars teamed up to dream up some sweet merch fans will… Read more →

The moment you realize you might be jealous of a six-year-old you don’t even know.

We all saw the photos of Tom Cruise and Suri strolling hand-in-hand through Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World last week. Followed by the pics of the father-daughter duo at Blizzard Beach. Then the grainy ones of Suri looking cute as a brunette Ariel. And I think we were cool with that. Can’t knock father-daughter time. But then reported… Read more →

Hey, sleep deprived parents. Plug into disney junior night light.

Exciting news, sleep deprived mamas and pops. Disney Junior is launching a nightly block of parent-targeted, kid-friendly short-form programming called Disney Junior Night Light, starting Sept. 4 at 9:00 p.m.-4:00 a.m., ET/PT. The interstitial content is being produced by Disney Interactive Family, while the block is being sponsored by Babble, Disney’s leading parenting blog platform acquired in 2011. Don’t have… Read more →

And then the President showed up at BlogHer.

Blogs – they’re the stuff that makes up social media. BlogHer is the conference that recognizes the influencers behind them. Created in 2005 by three women as a forum for women bloggers, it has grown exponentially every year since. Now a multi-platform website with an advertising network and TV channel, BlogHer brings together more than 4,500 women (and men) from… Read more →