Monthly Archives: December 2012

A kid can change the world. So can a llama.

I love year round do-gooding like Buddy the Elf loves smiling. Seriously. It’s my favorite. Charitable giving gets even more attention during the holidays, making it a great time to inspire kids to be kind. And, since they’re already hopped up on Christmas cookies and marker fumes from penning wishlists, they’re much more receptive to nifty ideas like keeping quiet… Read more →

Make snowflakes for Sandy Hook in 6 easy steps.

Snowflakes are winter’s delicate heralds, drifting and dusting their news that the holidays are here. My first grader thinks they’re magic, made by Mrs. Claus since Santa and the elves are so busy this time of year. The National Parent Teacher Association is collecting handmade snowflakes for the students of Sandy Hook Elementary. Just think of the winter wonderland magic… Read more →