Campbell’s Wisest Kid is here. And he has a rockin beard.

Campbell's Wisest Kid is here. And he has a rockin beard. | One Mom MediaThere are plenty of blogs out there for serious cooks and equally serious eaters, but what about the enthusiasts that find themselves somewhere between fois gras and food truck falafel?

That’s where my cooking style lies. In unpretentious, healthy, family-friendly recipes made for the kitchen counter chef – my term for “regular” non-professional cooks with an appreciation for good food their kids will actually eat – that don’t take a lot of time to make.

No one likes having to cook two separate meals because the kids won’t eat what the adults are eating and the adults are tired of eating boxed macaroni and cheese with chicken nuggets from the freezer.

Seriously. There isn’t enough wine in the world to make that stuff look good after a while.

Campbell's Wisest Kid | One Mom Media

So it’s a good thing the Campbell Soup Company “discovered” the Wisest Kid in the Whole World, an eight-year-old boy who embodies the collective wisdom of kids everywhere. And he has a beard, which automatically makes him worth listening to.

The boy guru – who reeeally makes me want to watch Seven Years in Tibet – will star in an integrated marketing campaign to help promote Campbell’s Condensed Soup this fall. I’ve been invited on board to bring you his latest and greatest lighthearted advice, mealtime tips, recipes and other sageness to help make your own kids happy – especially around feeding time.

It’s possible for the two to live in harmony. Promise.

My own two gourmands have palates all over the place, which is what happens when one kid is an adventurous eater and the other sticks to rainbow sprinkles.

Their common ground? Comfort foods.

That means there’s a lot of Campbell’s soup in my pantry. Not because the kids likes soup straight up all that much (although my son is an occasional grilled cheese-and-tomato-soup dunker), but because they do like a lot of their meals creamy and otherwise blanketed in satisfying sauciness.

If that sounds like the foodies you currently feed, Campbell’s – with help from the Wisest Kid – wants to remind parents that their soup not only tastes good, but that their kids think it’s fun to eat.

Just watch:

Campbell’s gets that we’re all looking to the internets to give us the inside secrets to kid contentment, which is why the bearded boy understands one universal truth: If you want to know how to make kids happy, ask one.*

And if you want to share something wise from your own kids with the Wise One, just type their comments and/or questions into the box below, then share the subsequent memery with the world.

Besides, it’ll give the Wisest Kid something upon which to meditate.

To learn more about the Wisest Kid in the Whole World or connect with him directly, visit him on Facebook, @TheWisestKid #AskWisestKid and on

*And, if you’ll be in New York City on Sept. 17, Campbell’s will be hosting a special event in Times Square from 12 to 2 p.m. EST. Free and open to the public, it’ll offer a chance to interact with the campaign and meet The Wisest Kid himself as he live streams from a billboard.

Photo credits: Campbell Soup Co.

Video credit: Campbell Soup Co.

I thank the Campbell’s Soup Co. for sponsoring this post. (They obviously heard about my mad love for minnestrone.) The company invited me to work with them as a Campbell’s Soup Ambassador for the Wisest Kid in the World  campaign, meaning any and all posts about the boy and his beard are sponsored. Alas, the condensed soup mountain in my pantry is not.


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