Get kids excited about science with 15 titles from Netflix.

Get kids excited about science with 15 titles from Netflix.featured

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Back-to-school is almost here, you guys.

And while the idea of having a full-time kindergartner and a third grader makes me the littlest bit misty, I’m mainly schoolgirl giddy. And may or may not be dancing when nobody’s watching. Because the learning opportunities they’ll both have this year truly win at life.

My third grader will be entering a world of science awesome. His teacher sent a welcome letter home this week all about the upcoming year, which includes learning about the solar system, studying our ecosystem and animalia, and even dissecting an owl pellet (!), which we’re totally using as an indicator of ultimate coolness.

No doubt the year-long learnathon will include a number of assignments for us to work on at home. But before Google even comes into play, Netflix has us covered with a variety of TV shows and movies to jump little imaginations and get the whole family geeked about science before the school year even starts:

Pictured: How Stuff Works, How Do They Do It, Is It Possible?, Build It Bigger, How the Universe Works, Extreme Engineering, Mythbusters, Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius, Peep and the Big Wide World, Magic School Bus, , Animal Mechanicals, Wild Kratts, Inspector Gadget, Curious George, Fetch! With Ruff Ruffman.

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