‘Daniel Tiger’ welcomes a new baby to the neighborhood.

'Daniel Tiger' welcomes a new baby to the neighborhood. | Dearest Geeks of EarthThe Tiger family is growing by another four paws!

It’s “Meet the New Baby” Week on PBS KIDS as Daniel Tiger gets ready to welcome a little sister during an hour-long Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood special on Aug. 18.

My kindergartner has been singing along to “I Really Love Our Baby” on repeat for at least a week, and has even gotten my oldest into watching videos of both of them as babies, even though he’s long past the gentle allure of nose-to-nose muggas and magical trolleys.

Considering the universe needs to slow down where those two are concerned anyway, I’ll take it.

Two more new episodes will air August 19 and August 20 (check your provider for dates/times), and you can watch the “Meet the New Baby” episode early on the PBS KIDS Video Player, PBS KIDS Video App, Apple TV, and PBS KIDS’ Roku channel starting August 18.

Until then:

The three episodes are rather vague when it comes to presenting pregnancy and growth in an age-appropriate way for preschoolers, which translates to leaving out all aspects of labor and delivery, subsequently glossing over breast vs. bottle feeding by not choosing either, and going from newborn to crawler from one episode to the next. Still, while nowhere near realistic, the storylines are super cute and open pathways to parent-led conversation post-show.

For more Daniel Tiger goodness, download Daniel Tiger’s Grr-iffic Feelings, a cute new iOS App for kids ages 2-5. The latest in a series of Daniel-themed apps – Daniel Tiger’s Day & Night and Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: Play at Home with Daniel have been around for months now – and created with show’s gentle learning style in mind, the app encourages kids to identify and express their emotions with four interactive socio-emotional activities, including a Trolley Game, Sing-Along, Drawing Easel and Feelings Photo Book.

It’ll cost you $2.99, but considering how much is packed into it, it’s a good buy. What’s more, the other two have a solid track record at our house (meaning the youngest isn’t bored with them yet), which makes for a ringing endorsement.

Photo credits: PBS KIDS

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