J.K. Rowling just posted a new story, Potterheads.

You know when Harry Potter and friends eat a bunch of highly questionable yet completely hilarious candies Fred and George made, and they all take turns making animal noises and blowing steam out of their ears?

Pretty sure Harry Potter fans did all of those exact same things out of sheer excitement when J.K. Rowling posted yet another new tale set in the world of witchcraft and wizardry.

Focusing on Celestina Warbeck, a singing sorceress that you probably don’t remember since there are really only a few throwaway references to her in the books, the Pottermore story shared on Today.com, is a short biography chronicling the glamorous witch’s life and times of fame, fortune and much fanfare.

Rowling describes the Hogwarts grad (50 points for Gryffindor!) as a Shirley Bassey type, and one of her “favorite ‘off-stage’ characters in the Harry Potter series.”

Here, Celestina and The Banshees keep audiences spellbound (heh) at Universal Orlando’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter:

Photo credits: Warner Bros., Pottermore

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