Marvel’s ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ soundtrack is so uncool it’s cool.

The Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack is so uncool it's cool. | Dearest Geeks of EarthPretty sure we’ve all been hooked on a feeling since Guardians of the Galaxy was released in theaters. Or, since the trailer came out. Because “Awesome Mix Vol.1.”

A mixtape made for then 80s kid Peter Quill (Chris Pratt) by his dying mom – the epic compilation not only proves that AM Gold had something good going, but that having a soundtrack so completely at odds with its sci-fi setting is cinematic genius.

The weight of collective childhood memory tied to a simple cassette tape in a beat up Sony Walkman somehow smooths the weird edges around space scavenging and interstellar piracy and turns them into something collectively awesome, something tinged with humanity underneath.

A pretty great achievement for any mixtape, though my only lament is that the soundtrack wasn’t released in actual cassette form, especially since everything old is new and hip again.

Photo credits: Marvel, Disney

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