Shrek’s morning workout. Looks about right.

Shrek's morning workout. Looks about right. | Dearest Geeks of EarthBuilding strength, coordination and confidence are just some of the benefits of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and fitness routine.

Unless you’re Shrek.

In which case, fitness means a lot of yelches (yawns + belches). And farts. Usually all at once.

DreamWorksTV shared this brand new short with us that looks just about right for an ogre from Far Far Away.

DreamWorksTV is the YouTube brainchild of DreamWorks Animation and AwesomenessTV. Featuring original live action and animated content, the channel showcases original short-form content, introducing fresh new voices as well as iconic characters. Family-friendly versions of reality TV, original animated web series from top creators, and vlog posts from DreamWorks Animation’s stable of fan favorite characters are among its highlights.

Photo credits: DreamWorks

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