Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. Even rectangles.

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. Even rectangles. | Dearest Geeks of EarthThe Boxtrolls is animated originality. And it’s stop motion awesome.

A mix of gentle humor, poignant social commentary and incredible craftsmanship featuring 79 sets and more than 20,000 props and puppets made by the 400-person crew at Laika, Boxtrolls is built upon humor and heartstring-tugging moments as it follows an orphaned human boy called Eggs and his adopted family – a clan of trash-collecting, box-wearing creatures who live underneath the steampunky, Dickensian town of Cheesebridge.

When the town’s evil vigilante takes it upon himself to exterminate the misunderstood Boxtrolls for good, Eggs will unexpectedly join forces with Winnie, the fearless daughter of Cheesebridge elite, to try and save his family.


The Boxtrolls is out in theaters on September 26.

Photo credits: Laika, Focus Features

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