40 things you totally thought about while watching the SAG Awards last night.

40 things you totally thought about while watching the SAG Awards last night. | Dearest Geeks of EarthThe Screen Actors Guild Awards may have gone as predicted Sunday night (yawn), but we think there was still plenty to think about.

Like these 40 thoughts we know crossed everyone’s minds.

  1. Whoa. I hope Jennifer Aniston is wearing extra-sticky double-sided tape.
  2. Zach Galifianakis is all small and has a hipster man bun!
  3. Wait. Is Bryan Cranston in a Western?
  4. HULK SAG!
  5. There are a lot of people in Orange is the New Black. Should have just brought them the mic.
  6. What WAS that?! Applause track?
  7. J.K. Simmons may be the first man ever to say “I’m sleeping with the director” in an awards speech and have it be fantastic.
  8. Lupita Nyong’o is painting gorgeous, but she looks like she was shot in the shoulder.
  9. We see what you’re doing with Jared and Lupita, SAG Awards. Keep it cute!
  10. Anyone else think Jared Leto looks like Jesus?
  11. Missing #Letobraid.
  12. Feeling emo after that union montage.
  13. Hey, it’s Branson!
  14. Keira Knightley and pregnancy weight are making for an evening of enchantment.
  15. Who hurt Frances McDormand?
  16. Anyone else waiting for Tom Brady’s balls to be nominated for something?
  17. Please never stop talking so we can look at you forever Eddie and Felicity.
  18. Love me some Carrie Fisher, but it’s probably not good that Debbie Reynolds is way older than her and looks a helluva lot better.
  19. Debbie Reynolds will always be Kathy Selden to me.
  20. LOVE that Debbie Reynolds still calls movies “pictures.”
  21. #Buns
  22. Anyone else want to see Debbie Reynolds and Betty White present together? Just throwing it out there.
  23. Of course Singin’ in the Rain is her favorite. Because Gene Kelly.
  24. Where did Eric McSteamy Dane’s neck go?
  25. Kevin Spacey couldn’t be there to accept his award because Frank Underwood no curr.
  26. And the award for best entrance goes to… LAVERNE COX!
  27. Seriously. Her shoulder blade game is strong tonight.
  28. I’m such a sap. The In Memoriam segment makes me shiny-eyed every single time.
  29. And the award for best glasses goes to… Andy Samberg and Rashida Jones.
  30. Fun fact: The SAG Awards haven’t actually been on for four hours yet. It just feels that way. Let’s move it along, everyone.
  31. Irony is Allen Leech and the Downton cast sitting at different tables.
  32. No worries, Eddie Redmayne. You’re not the first person to get tongue-tied about Bradley Cooper.
  33. I love me some Benedict Cumberbatch, but Eddie Redmayne is totally the internet’s new boyfriend.
  34. Matthew McConaughey wins at acting but loses at beards. And 70s prom date reboots.
  35. New favorite intro for everything: “When I was on As The World Turns…”
  36. Kevin Costner will always have it.
  37. Lenny Kravitz and his shades are trying to be Prince.
  38. Kind of love that Mark Ruffalo is tweeting his acceptance speech right now.
  39. Anyone else kind of want to know what Kevin Costner was in such a hurry to whisper to Jennifer Aniston?
  40. I just want to curl up in Matthew McConaughey’s beard and watch Galavant now.

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