10 reasons we’ll always love Gilbert Blythe.

10 reasons we’ll always love Gilbert Blythe.featured

Before Theodore Laurence, Westley and Mark Darcy transfixed us with their literary charm, there was Gilbert Blythe.

And for kindred spirits who fell for fiery Anne Shirley (Megan Follows) and incorrigible schoolboy Gil (Jonathan Crombie), the mid-1980s were all about carrots, broken slates, bosom friends, raspberry cordial, dark black tresses, puffed sleeves, epic romance, and forever committing flowery sentimentalities from Anne of Green Gables to memory.

The news that Canadian actor Crombie passed away after suffering a sudden brain hemorrhage in New York earlier this week has sent the Green Gables fandom into the depths of despair, and as we try to wrap our own hearts and minds around this tragic loss, our lives are a perfect graveyard of buried hopes.

Losing Crombie is akin to losing a first love, the best of childhood chums and the boy next door-turned-PBS crush who set the romance bar higher than the ridgepole of a roof.

These are the moments that will always make us swoon, and are the 10 reasons we’ll always love Gilbert Blythe:


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