Let love be the boss of you this holiday season.

Sponsored content. Latina Bloggers Connect invited me to create a post in partnership with Donate a Photo, a social movement created by Johnson’s® and Save the Children®. All opinions and ideas are my own. #SoMuchMore

Let love be the boss of you this holiday season. | Dearest Geeks of Earth

Love is the boss of us.

It’s what moves us to be kind, to cheer on humankind, and to give back to those who need it most.

JOHNSON’S®, global purveyor of baby care products that have seen our children from womb to room, believes in giving children the healthiest start possible through initiatives that nurture cognitive, social and emotional development from infancy and beyond.

Millions of babies may miss opportunities critical to their growth and development due to poverty, lack of early stimulation, poor health and nutrition, and a lack of early education. Those gaps are clear by age three, when 85% of a baby’s brain has developed and formed the critical connections that lay the groundwork for healthy development.

During childhood, synapses (connections between brain cells that allow them to communicate) form more rapidly than at any other time. The more brain building experiences a child has, the stronger the connections. But if the opportunities to impact a child’s development with rich experiences is missed, the connections are much weaker, making it difficult to fortify them later on.

Save the Children, the international non-governmental organization that promotes children’s rights while providing support in developing countries, shares JOHNSON’S® vision, assisting more than 300,000 children in need right here in the United States while making sure its programs make the most positive of impacts on early childhood education.

Through their pioneering, transformative programs and shared missions championing childhood, both recognized leaders are creating and implementing quality programs that not only consider children in times of crisis, but invest in their futures as well.

Taking that commitment even further, JOHNSON’S® and Save the Children are uniting to develop a global toolkit that will integrate early stimulation and learning into community-based programs in low resource settings.

By collaborating with JOHNSON’S® scientists, Save the Children educational experts are putting their heads together to to create a holistic approach to it all, integrating health and science to create an evidence-based toolkit that can be adapted to local settings while helping to support the healthy development of babies through responsive caregiving.

Their holistic approach incorporates the latest brain research focused on child development to support early brain advancement while offering practical solutions and interventions that can be integrated into health, nutrition, and community-based programs on a global level.

What’s more, JOHNSON’S® and Save the Children are igniting a social movement in support of early childhood development this holiday season because they believe every child deserves a fair shot at a vibrant future. Download the free Donate a Photo app, choose Save the Children® as a beneficiary, and JOHNSON’S® will triple its donation in support of early childhood education programs.

You’re also going to want to watch and share JOHNSON’S® YouTube video to learn more about the real-life benefitting from these initiatives immediately.

How will you give back this holiday season?

Disclosure: Sponsored content. Latina Bloggers Connect invited DGOE to create a post in partnership with Donate a Photo, a social movement created by Johnson’s® and Save the Children®. All opinions, ideas and inspirational do-goodery are our own. Comments may be displayed on websites owned by the sponsor and its advertisers. Check out our full disclosure policy here.

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