Dearest Geeks of Earth | AboutHere at Dearest Geeks of Earth, we know that collective geekdom makes everything better, which is why we like to say we’ve been uncool way before being uncool was cool.

You see, as nerdtastic pop culturalists ourselves, we know that Sherlockians, Whovians, Bronies, Star Wars super fans, Potterheads, Downtoners, Trekkers, and any and all manner of pixie-dusted, comic-book reading, Quidditch-playing, dragon-mothering, occasional cosplaying fanboys and girls, automatically win at rainbow-sprinkled, lightsaber-wielding life.

Yet even geeks grow up one day, and becoming cultural gatekeepers turned parents deserves all the hi-fives, which is why DGOE is dedicated to celebrating the coordinates where parenting and pop culture come together with an eclectic mix of trending entertainment news and lifestyle features.

We pop culture like it’s candy, and since launching in April 2014, have provided more than 12,000 readers across the blogosphere with content created around 10 categories – cool apps, culture, food and drink, gear, house and home, kids, photography, style and beauty, travel, and of course, geekery.

Our daily impressions surpass 30,000 views across social networks, and while a lot of our coverage is family friendly, we like to mix it up. We look at that as a positive, because while we love curating coolness for the kiddies, we’re big advocates of making life easier for moms and dads be it through helpful services or awesome entertainment suggestions.

What’s more, your kids will always be able to sit in your lap while you browse our content (as they do), because anything more adult will have a NSFK (not safe for kids) warning (usually a NSFW one too just in case you’re catching up at work), so you’ll never miss out on the best in kid and kid-free coverage.

We fly our nerd flag with pride, and have collaborated with some pretty cool partners:

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