No matter you are a novice or an advanced player, your iPhone can be a good device for increasing your result in the golf game. Thanks to the GPS rangefinder applications, they are magic bullets for all golfers. iPhone GPS rangefinder applications are often expensive tools and their price is not usually suitable.

In fact, these best golf GPS handheld are impressive computers with a lot of tracking sensors and a normal console. You can refer to the reviews at the trustworthy site like,,…

But you can use these apps supporting golfers get incredible games with more fun on the show.

Here are top 5 best iPhone GPS rangefinder applications that you should take time to think of

1. Golfshot

It is good news to hear that Golfshot has two main versions which are Classic as well as Plus Scorecard and Tee Times. The Plus edition is suitable for Apple Watch with greater graphics features and flyovers than the Classic one.

These versions always have the top-line features, but each edition has their best tracking graphing.

You do not have to make color graphics for any fairway, greens in the right regulation, and putts per hole, and so on.

Also, take time to find out other features in the Golfshot such as zoomable aerial with True Point touch for distances, HD supporting for iPad, automatic course calculator for handicap persons, etc.

This application usually is a free-of-charge version and it includes more than 40,000-course databases for every golfer to practice.

2. Hole19

“Free-of-charge” is probably the first point that several golfers love to download and use the Hole19 application. It supports you decrease the hot level in the golf scores and you can increase your performance as well.

It provides the right GPS distances and scores more than 40,000 golf courses from countries to the world. Here are a few great features of the Hole19 that you cannot miss out:

  • iPhone GPS Rangefinder: it can measure the shot distance greatly to the front, back, and the center of the green. Also, it estimates the key areas and aims at more golf courses around the world.
  • Digital Scorecard: it ought to check your score in each round and helps you save every golf shot that you take in a certain place. Thus, you may check scoring systems available on the Stableford and Stroke Play.

3. GolfLogix

GolfLogix has always enhanced its golf GPS iPhone application which has broken to the top 5 picks.

The newest version has more amazing features such as ease of use, sharp and bright interface from the ground up for iPhone.

Furthermore, you enable to measure shot distances without making a mess thanks to the GolfLogix application and the number of stats like green hit, fairways hit, handicap tracking, etc.

4. Mobitee

Mobitee is also one of the 5 best iPhone GPS Rangefinder Apps that golfers also pay attention to. Even though you miss out your iPhone at home, you can use Mobitee through your iPad. Is it fabulous, right?!

It is a free application for all players and they can use this application smoothly thanks to the satellite and aerial views in each hole. In other words, it is very easy to use and it includes several video flyovers for tons of holes in the course.  

There are many features in the Mobitee that you can figure out such as check scores for 4 players, helping you to register distances for each club you will play, building rangefinder view for distances on the screen, display map near the golf courses, etc.

5. Sonocaddie (version 2)

Most golf GPS applications depend on satellite and aerial imagery to display each golf hole, but the Sonocaddie can set itself with beautiful themes and various colors in the layout images on each hole.

These color layouts are offered to aerial photos as well. This support you can recognize key course areas and take well in bright sunlight at the same time. It ought to boost a solid global course for more than 40,000 golf courses.

Surely, Sonocaddie includes all features that you want to like touch-point positioning, shot distance measurement, etc. Do not forget that it also has a digital scorecard.

Final words

Of course, there are tons of golf GPS applications for the iPhone and other smart devices that all golfers can choose from. The point is here that some features can meet all requirements in your golf courses only!

Please note that all golf rangefinder applications have many powers though developers have boosted the power ability in each product. The scorecard and stats-tracking features should be careful whether you select a new application or a popular brand.

To avoid the wet condition in the rainy days for your golf GPS rangefinder, you should use also a protective case or a plastic bag.


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